Stefano Balietti Scholar Profile

"If your experiment needs a statistician, you need a better experiment." (Ernest Rutherford)

Design and Implementation of Online Behavioral Research

Format and Structure
Online course with weekly meetins and video lectures.

All the course material is available in the dedicated Discord channel, access provided upon request.
Selected Student Projects

#BlackLivesMatter on Twitter by Ricarda Reiner
In my project I look at the development of social movement on social media. More specifically, I investigate how the Black Lives Matter Movement was framed on Twitter considering the events in 2020. Therefore, I analyze tweets including the hashtag #blm and #BlackLivesMatter. To get a better understanding of how the movement is labeled and what specific sub-topics are the most prominent I carry out a threefold text mining analysis including a sentiment analysis, topic modeling and n-gram analysis.

#Covid19 on Twitter by Zheng Fu
In this study, I explore the social sentiment about the Covid 19 pandemic. My research question is: "How do people in different geographical locations feel about the Covid 19 pandemic?" Using hashtags such as #covid 19 and #vaccine I will collect data from Twitter. I plan to focus on stereotypical US cities, e.g., Austin and NYC. After the data collection, I will apply sentiment analysis, topic modeling, and n-gram analysis.
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